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Data Ecologies 23/05/14

The Data Ecologies (DE) symposium events have been running since 2003. Initially they emerged from a discussion of the similarities between computer and ecological systems. Now DE is more about abstractions of the real and actual. Recent events discussed value as an abstracted idea and the use of notation for describing interactive systems.

Most presentation notes were transcribed as best as possible by Pippa Buchanan and Nina Wenhart. FoAM's notes are based of Maja's own text (Thanks!)

Time's Up - Introduction and History

Precis: Time's Up introduced the DE14 event and provided a context for the discussion. TU presented their early works, described their recent work in Physical Narratives (PN). The work of PN relates to transmedia narratives and provides an interesting and possible useful way of presenting futures.

Scott Smith - Unshocking the Future: Unlocking Artefacts from the Future

Scott Smith began his talk discussing some of the inadequacies of common methods of future forecasting and scenario development. He stressed the importance of mundane futures. He presented a recent project for Future Everything festival a physical Football tabloid newspaper that presented near future issues related to Big Data

Peter Von Stackelberg - Transmedia Worldbuilding: Bringing Tomorrow Alive for Today's Audiences

Peter von Stackelberg presented a detailed approach to developing worlds in which transmedia stories about the future can be played out.

Eva Lenz - Designing the Intangible Side of Things

Eva Lenz presented Experience Design techniques that are being developed at the Industrial Design Department at the Folkwang University in Germany. The three phase experience design cycle of anticipation - event - reflection was presented along with a series of cards that could be used as prompts in the product design process.

Mara Dionisio / Julian Hanna (M-ITI) - Possible Pasts, Possible Futures: Exploring Past and Future Scenarios Through Context-Aware Transmedia Stories

Mara Dionisio and Julian Hanna introduced the MITI intitute and provided details of a Madeira specific work in progress related to the history of Funchal city and the Laurisilva forest. The project explores the idea of future fabulation, but specifically links futures to the historical past of the region.

FoAM - The Future is Already Here - It's Just Unevenly Ridiculous

FoAM provided a historical background to their work, from early explorations of transmedia narratives, work within futures forecasting and their return to both storytelling and futures practice. FoAM presented Italo Calvino's Six Memos for the Next Millennium and described how these principles are explored in their work.

Trevor Haldenby - Bringing The Future To Life: Pervasive Transmedia Scenarios

Trevor Haldenby (The Mission Project) presented the Zed.To ByoLogyc pervasive transmedia scenario presented in Toronto, Canada over 2012-2013

Julian Bleecker - Catalog of an Extraordinary Future When It Becomes An Ordinary Today

Julian Bleecker was unable to attend DE14 at the last minute, but provided a video describing the Near Future Laboratory's Catalogue Project. (External Link - VIMEO)

Justin Pickard - In Sync? Uncertainty, Expectation, And The Practice of Foresight

Justin Pickard took the audience on a whirlwind ride through issues relating to the practice of foresight and generated as many tangents as possible.

Wrap Up and Next Questions

Open questions and breadcrumbs for the book sprint participants.

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