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Julian Bleecker

A Catalog of an Extraordinary Future When It Becomes An Ordinary Today


Near Future Laboratory (NFL)

Summary: video dispatch of ordinary everyday future optimistic v pessimistic future in between is the ordinary everyday NFL produced a catalogue of experiences and artefacts TBD Catalog Volume 9 Issue 24 - sense of a future that isn't as spectacular as that which is normally presented. It is closer to the present with different kinds of characters. Language might shift but similar ideas as the future which was presented 20 years ago. Breakfast cereal with vitamins - now with brain altering chemicals to make your children smarter.

The trick is trying to present objects that will seem normal in the future. We are now living in the future of 20 years ago. Cordless phones are now hyper ordinary. They are no longer spectacular or extraordinary.

The catalogue takes speculation and tries to camouflage it (locate it) in intense ordinariness As with software, sometimes an update (an object of the future) does not improve the experience, it can insert bugs, require a new way of learning how to interact and operate.

By tweaking the way a future product is presented (catalogue, consumable) audiences can engage with it in a new way. Develops conversation around these ideas.

Questions Within Audience

Was anyone present at DE14 part of the product development?
product catalogues designed to start conversations - what are the expected venues of dialogue?
what are the usual venues of NFL discussions? 
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