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Justin Pickard

In Sync? Uncertainty, Expectation, And The Practice of Foresight



idea of futurist as a lable: main problem of neutrality and objectivity examples of faked objectivity in images: img from Eames' „Power of Ten“, view from above as pretence of objectivity img: god's eye view img google maps above Russian island img cover of Donna Haraway's Simians and Cyborgs img „most famous architects“ association sign img „professionalization is killing art“

specialization, professionalization, experts → necessary but also gatekeepers and often only seemingly objective you need to get weird, don't become a well grounded individual but rather a puffy fish

productive oportunities are removed from play

thinking about how people are dealing with uncertain futures a futurist would ask „where is my jetpack, where is my robotic companion, where is my cure for this disease?“ magazine in the 60s „undercurrents“: what's been talked about in the 60s back in newspapers today

diagram of Moore's Law – Pickard interprets it as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If this asssumption fails, the industry will break down

performativity: Judith Butler - how to represent gender and sexuality. Saying „i believe“ thought of as a kind of performance. Legibility and illegibility, book about it by James Scott, questions of power, who can make sense of you / what you say? Danah Boyd, study about teenagers – who gets the meanings, who doesn't – being able/unable to decode specific cultural laws and wear the correct cultural lens

[it is inceredibly hard to understand what he is saying]

seeing uncertainty under the lens of risk uncertainty made intelligible through computation, we are looking for some kind of insurance 2 wayss of dealing with it: doing nothing as a strategy of waiting until maybe things become clearer or experimental method: making sense of things by combining puzzle pieces „tricksters and cartographers“ book. No schematics for old cathedrals, tried out diff combinations of stones, learning by doing improvised, tinkered solutions to problems esp in everyday life / workarounds, innovation through piracy and stealing socialization of uncertainty

what is anti-fragile? Think about networks, redundancy people making decisions by synchronizing their expectations with other people's, example: product „superstruct“, synchronization of expectations, ppl picking up each others' suggestions; example: meeting where people sit in small groups discussing what it means to be Islandic (in the context of the global financial crisis in 2008/2009)

[talks about him and a friend drinking gin]

img map of Arc Manche, instead of „englad“ he adds „Arc Manche“ to his address

amplified themes, adrian hon, „a history of the future in 100 objects“

he and his friends make diagrams of what is real and what is fake

[is is talking faster and faster]


Q: was there anything that made claer that people could run away? A: infrastructural solution sto challenges, and xxxxxxxxx, players got enthusiastic about blogging about themselves

was not really real commercial audience trying to curate and filter the content provided by the players and patching it together

Q: professionalization of „creative class“ + art, democratization of art & reducing social entry costs of being an artist. Futurology's art and craft: danger of recreating a class system, „visionary class“, it is already close connections to business world. New social layer of predictors, miners and interpretators of big data, perpetuating social schisma. Power game. A: i use data that is already out there in the world, difference prediction and forecast. [the two agreed to discuss this further afterward.]

Q: what would the healthy future project for society be, can you name 5 points? A: systems literacy, history, [didn't name more] A (Istvan): keep autonomy of the trade, political emancipation

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