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Bringing the Future to Life: Pervasive Transmedia Scenarios


written scenarios, „what might a day in the future look like?“ as the most popular method in foresight; reason: core of every written scenario is a story

SF prototyping

focus on exp design and use it as guideline for storytelling, what is its significance, the intensity, its duration, its significance, breadth?

Creating experiental futures

three design rules for transmedia stories, originally by Henry Jenkins (7 rules)

The Mission Business,

projects: ZED.TO (, visitations, shadowfall


ByoLogyc, fictional company and storyworld around it, human centered lifestyle biotech company for personal enhancement solutions,,

story about how biotech in the wrong hands can go horribly wrong

lots of ppl exposed to this future vision during first months

biobreath → breath refreshing spray

prodcuts help you reach your potential as a person

communicate big transformation ins tech are driven by values of conflicts of individual humans

lots of work went into designing the company and its business plan etc; actors were cast as the company's staff to give the tech transformation company a human face and to create IRL connections between people

creepy vision of future of humanity

video „Bio Renew“

patch „BioEnrich“, „BioGrow“, „BioBaby“ human genome project, „BioBreath“ personal hygene and climate change packed into a single product, „BioMate“ pheromone stimulating pill, „BioRenew“ a virus to keep you healthy and to give you a software update and DRM-protect your immune system

hack into ByoLogyc and cause transformation of ByoRenew into a deadly virus

immunization clinics set u in response by ByoLogyc

evacuating ppl who were part of the story to an abandoned industrial site, where further experiments were conducted

toronto in the end was destroyed

4 performaces as components of the ByoLogyc project about growth of company, its transformation, discipline and collapse

also four diff tracks / perspectives on the story: adventure ticket made you an eventual evacuee of toronto, resistence, paramilitary member, board of ByoLogyc directors)

live and online narratives

memers of versatile intern program, online treats for sharing bits of their personal medical history

graphic novel unfolded background story of company

series of videos (about 15) to illustrate company's vision, website and social media accounts to simulate spread of simualted pandwmic over the network

project went of very well, got many awards and good national and international reviews, f.e. From Bruce Sterling

move from focus on mass audience to leaders in the area of synthetic biology, collaboration with Synbiota (

invitation from Autodesk and extend biologic story a few years into the future

story about extraterrestrial life

rewilding canadaÄs arctic one of the new projects they are working on

i hear and forget. I see and remember. I do and understand.



Q: what did they sign up for initially? Company or game / theatrical performance

A: not good conversation w/ ppl at the front end. Cover wall with event posters, don't know if ppl thought it was a real company or an entry point into a game. Transition to online story: story very extreme, here it was more clear to pple that it is a playful experience, lawyers told them to make clear it is part of the ZED.TO project

Q: did you conduct interviews w/ ppl? And how it felt to them on an emotional level?A: no, that was the biggest mistake of the project. Videos of ppl's interaction. But thinking about how to integrate ethnograohic methods into future projects. Ppl interacting with lots of tweets with hashtags, but nobody was talking about the theatrical experience.

Q Do clients feel uncomfortable about sharing the results of their scenario building exercises?

A: make artifacts of prj available to their clients, only in autodesk project so far. Creating shared storyworld comprised of future visions of all of their clients is a goal.

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