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models + models < / TH> guide price decline price decline in the proportion of Remarks
5.89 million
<SPAN style=55900
5.09% are cars sufficient
5.67% </TD> </TR>
</TD> 5.59 Million
5.29 the Million
5.36% </TD> </TR>
</TD> 4.69 Million
4.39 million
6.39% </TD> </TR>
tabulation CRI ( <span class=

<TBODY> <TR bgColor=#ffffff> <TD style== / CENTER> <P style=conform to contemporary young fashion consumer aesthetic trend independently developed a fashion boutique car, after the experience feel significantly improved in many ways compared with the domestic small car, but also have to say the gap with the joint venture model is still there, so first of all to work hard on the quality and exterior design must strive for the national car brand in the market is equally important. </P>

</SPAN> Price: 4.69-5.89 ten thousand yuan brands: </SPAN> <SPAN style=</SPAN>
<TBODY> < TD style = Weight: bold : right > </CENTER> <P style=However, from its body to imitate and learn from the traces do not see, to bring with it the freshness of a new car. Weizhi V2 side waist slightly higher, with the slanting of the D-pillar, the designer is no doubt want to add some vitality to this car. 2450mm wheelbase in the small car at normal levels does not surprise us as as a high degree. In addition to the minimum equipped models, Weizhi V2 Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition, alloy wheels, 6-spoke styling will not bring what visual impact for the kind of car, practical and always is the first bit. </P>

<P style=The price of the article for editing the-day prices of real collected in the first line of the automobile market, car prices, unpredictable, and this price is only the behavior of individual dealers, the price is only for reference. </STRONG> </FONT>

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