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the PARN wiki is a collection of "what I know is" information from partners and colleagues. The goal of this wiki is to help us collect ideas and facts, knowledge and inspirations, in order to best implement the Physical and Alternate Reality building project PARN.

The Canon

Some issues that have arisen immediately and are covered in terms of examples of work that belong in our "canon"

The learning

Here we are accumulating our learnt things.

An ARN Tutorial that arose from the first ARN tutorial in October 2011 at FoAM.

Act Otherwise: A harbourside meeting of ingenious minds was a two-day open forum in March 2012 at Blast Theory in Brighton, UK.

The Map and the Territory was a two day symposium investigating the ways that maps and notations differ from but relate to actual things: processes, performances, objects and systems.

Getting started

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