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Narrative Strategies 2012: Future Perspectives

On the 4th and 5th of December 2012, we convened a small group of experts and interested parties at the Casa Da Mudos in Madeira, Portugal, for a meeting to discuss ongoing and upcoming issues in the creation of narratives in physical space. We encountered locative, movements based, physical and context aware narratives, online spaces, alternate realities, scams, scambaiting and haunted houses.

About the Forum

Casa Da Mudos is a distractingly beautiful space for talking and thinking.

Time's Up: Hammering a story

Timescales and distractions to discover built storyworlds.

FoAM: Borrowed Scenery

Stories as acupuncture: gifting the visitor with patabotanical instructions and borrowing all the scenery you need.

Mads Haar: Haunted Planet

Reinvesting the Gothis novel for today, the confusion of environment and game.

Valentina Nisi: M-ITI Projects

Along with students Mara and Clinton, discussing ways of changing the stories told about a place.

Andreas Zingerle: A scam in a suitcase

The Re: Dakar Arts Festival project documents an ongoing art scam form. The scammers approach artists and galerists with open calls for a fake festival in Dakar, Senegal. To appear professional, they adopt different identities. To unveil their practice, three virtual characters including their online identities were created to scam the scammers. Investigate their stories in an installation and find entrance points to continue following the story online.

More informations:

1 [1] Project describtion: Re: Dakar Arts Festival

2 [2] Dakar Arts Festival Website

3 [3] Dropbox to: Paper, Workshop Proposal, Presentation slides

Engage Lab: O Mundo secreto das Plantas

Pedro Branco and Nelson Zagalo explianed some of the works in the Engage Lab's studios.

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